[svlug] DNS & Firefox fails on Linux, WindIE works only on older windows OS, ex not Vista

Tony Hartzell hartzellt at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 08:38:48 PDT 2010

   There are people in this user group who know a lot more than me,
but I believe the DHCP server provides the name servers. They can be
over-ridden in  the DHCP client script.

   '/etc/resolv.conf ' lists the name servers you're currently using.
If there are any non-VPN type addresses listed, try pinging them. If
they won't ping, or tthere are only VPN addresses (like
then I suspect your router has some DNS servers which have been
manually entered on the router. If you don't have privileged access to
the router, I would try opening a command prompt on one of the windows
machines that works. Issue the command 'ipconfig /all' and see what
DNS servers are listed beyond the router...edit /etc/resolv.conf and
put one of these servers as the first in the list, and see if the
resolver is working. E.g. ping ubuntu.com...if that works, edit
dhclient.conf and add a line like;
prepend domain-name-servers,
On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 10:09 PM, giovanni_re <john_re at fastmail.us> wrote:
> I'm trying to get a Linux (KUbuntu) laptop with Firefox working on a
> network, INet supplied probably by ATT (The USA national phone company)
> DSL. It has a router/gateway, maybe including a firewall, about 3-6 yrs
> in place, which I can't physically access.
> Under Linux, it gets an IP assigned (either automatically, or with
> dhclient? ifup eth0?), but dig & nslookup fail. Can ping the gateway.
> Ping offsite IP = untried.  Firefox fails to bring up web pages, IIRC
> because unable to look up host name.
> One key fact, I suspect, is that older ms windows InternetExplorer works
> (probably due to the os or Internet Explorer web browser, I'm guessing
> 2000-2225, like windows 2000 professional), but newer ones fail (for
> sure wXP professional fails, maybe a 2007 date. & I've been told,
> windows vista fails).  In fact, the primary users of this network bought
> new Windowss Vista laptops, their tech failed repeatedly to get them
> working, & they returned them for older non vista laptops.
> Is there someone here with networking, dns, gateway, firewall, web
> browser knowledge who can suggest a clue for fixing, or further
> debugging, this situation??  Thanks  :)
> =======================================================
> What's the command to find out the currentt network settings? -netstatt?
>  I think it says the DNS server has the same IP as the gateway,
> .IP assigned to the laptop: .14
> How doesFirefoxx find outIP addresses? Query theDNS server itself?  Ask
> the Linux OS to find out? If that, how does Linux find out? - use a
> command like netstat/dig? Part of the built in networking stack? If not,
> what?
> -
> Older windows laptops work, loading web pages in IE. Newer laptops
> (vista definitely, maybe whatever was before that) fail - a (probably
> junior) sysadmin/tech tried to get some new windows based laptops to
> work, & failed, & they had to downgrade to older laptops, running an
> older windows OS.
> On a windows 2000 professional laptop, HP, Maybe 5-10 years old, IE can
> pull up web pages. "ipconfig" shows the gateway & assigned IP. But
> "netstatt" fails, timeout after 2 seconds, to get IP address.
> I'm thinking the router/gateway/dns system is talking to older Windows
> Internet Explorer directly, & supplying it the dns lookup directly,
> through an alternate dns access method than the standard method??
> -
> I had a method to find the gateway box manufacturer, but forgot it. Was
> it by telnetting to it's IP, & that showed the manufacturer? What else
> could have showed that (underlinuxx or windows)?  Traceroute? Ping??
> Something else???
> -
> Something is weird in that older windowsIEE are able to load web pages,
> but newer ones can't.
> -
> Anyone heard of, or anything about, or can figure out this problem, or
> any useful analysis steps/probes??
> Thanks.
> =======================================================
> Works:
> windows 2000 professional -Aproxx year 2000? HP laptop
> IEE works, nslookup fails, ipconfig shows .1 as gateway? doesn't show
> dns server
>  old flag windows start button
>  The strange thing here is that InternetExplorer works, but nslookup
>  fails.
> =
> Fails:
> windowsXPP Professional - Compaq
>  auto assigns gateway, nslookup fails, IE won't pull up web pages.
> New Vista? laptops fail
> KUbuntu 9.04 Fails nslookup, dig, &Firefoxx.
> Untested:
> windows xp Home Edition - SonyViao
>  new flag green
> =====
> Note: 6-12 months ago i did something that gave me a manufacturer or
> model name for the gateway/router, but I forgot what I did. Telnet to
> some port on it's IP? traceroute??
> Do you have any idea of any likely command/tool to find out the name
> from the g/r?
> ==
> Any help appreciated.  Thanks :)
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