[svlug] DNS & Firefox fails on Linux, WindIE works only on older windows OS, ex not Vista

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sat Apr 24 22:09:27 PDT 2010

I'm trying to get a Linux (KUbuntu) laptop with Firefox working on a
network, INet supplied probably by ATT (The USA national phone company)
DSL. It has a router/gateway, maybe including a firewall, about 3-6 yrs
in place, which I can't physically access.

Under Linux, it gets an IP assigned (either automatically, or with
dhclient? ifup eth0?), but dig & nslookup fail. Can ping the gateway.
Ping offsite IP = untried.  Firefox fails to bring up web pages, IIRC
because unable to look up host name.

One key fact, I suspect, is that older ms windows InternetExplorer works
(probably due to the os or Internet Explorer web browser, I'm guessing
2000-2225, like windows 2000 professional), but newer ones fail (for
sure wXP professional fails, maybe a 2007 date. & I've been told,
windows vista fails).  In fact, the primary users of this network bought
new Windowss Vista laptops, their tech failed repeatedly to get them
working, & they returned them for older non vista laptops.

Is there someone here with networking, dns, gateway, firewall, web
browser knowledge who can suggest a clue for fixing, or further
debugging, this situation??  Thanks  :)

What's the command to find out the currentt network settings? -netstatt?
 I think it says the DNS server has the same IP as the gateway, .IP assigned to the laptop: .14

How doesFirefoxx find outIP addresses? Query theDNS server itself?  Ask
the Linux OS to find out? If that, how does Linux find out? - use a
command like netstat/dig? Part of the built in networking stack? If not,

Older windows laptops work, loading web pages in IE. Newer laptops
(vista definitely, maybe whatever was before that) fail - a (probably
junior) sysadmin/tech tried to get some new windows based laptops to
work, & failed, & they had to downgrade to older laptops, running an
older windows OS.

On a windows 2000 professional laptop, HP, Maybe 5-10 years old, IE can
pull up web pages. "ipconfig" shows the gateway & assigned IP. But
"netstatt" fails, timeout after 2 seconds, to get IP address.

I'm thinking the router/gateway/dns system is talking to older Windows
Internet Explorer directly, & supplying it the dns lookup directly,
through an alternate dns access method than the standard method??

I had a method to find the gateway box manufacturer, but forgot it. Was
it by telnetting to it's IP, & that showed the manufacturer? What else
could have showed that (underlinuxx or windows)?  Traceroute? Ping??
Something else???

Something is weird in that older windowsIEE are able to load web pages,
but newer ones can't.

Anyone heard of, or anything about, or can figure out this problem, or
any useful analysis steps/probes??



windows 2000 professional -Aproxx year 2000? HP laptop
IEE works, nslookup fails, ipconfig shows .1 as gateway? doesn't show
dns server
 old flag windows start button
 The strange thing here is that InternetExplorer works, but nslookup

windowsXPP Professional - Compaq
 auto assigns gateway, nslookup fails, IE won't pull up web pages.

New Vista? laptops fail

KUbuntu 9.04 Fails nslookup, dig, &Firefoxx.

windows xp Home Edition - SonyViao
 new flag green

Note: 6-12 months ago i did something that gave me a manufacturer or
model name for the gateway/router, but I forgot what I did. Telnet to
some port on it's IP? traceroute??

Do you have any idea of any likely command/tool to find out the name
from the g/r?

Any help appreciated.  Thanks :)

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