[svlug] fast internet at good price or share?

Sr. Tallam SenorAjay at gmail.coM
Fri Oct 30 12:12:48 PST 2009

Hey folks,

	I've found myself needing faster internet for hosting, haven't yet
investigated the business offerrings of AT&T (DSL) or Comcast (cable 'net)
but from the crap service i get at their top res offerrings, and my general
dislike for them, i'm looking elsewhere.

I'd like to get stable speeds of 1-1.5 mb upload to europe.  I think it
would be harder to get those speeds to india, but 750 kb/s up would be nice
if poss.

I imagine a t-1 of some sort could get the job done, but i'm not looking to
spend $500/mo (+/-), but more in the $80-180 range.
I'm doing video hosting and haven't done bandwidth measurements to know if a
provider's average quotas for gb would suffice or not.

I've tried to research this but am not finding many vendors, but i've never
claimed to be a good searcher.

Alternately, if someone has a setup going on i could throw some boxes into
for some video hosting, feel free to backchannel me.

you folks really are a great community, i definitely have to get to a mtg
again, LinuxPicnic was rad!


Milpitas, ca	listsATatothetorg	HempVille, Planet Oz

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