[svlug] Kate frustrations

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Sat Oct 24 15:09:40 PDT 2009

Skip Evans
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Madison WI 53703
Those of you who believe in
telekinesis, raise my hand.
  -- Kurt Vonnegut
Hey all,

I love Kate for editing PHP code, it's just the bees knees, 
but since I installed 9.04 on my main workstation something 
very goofy is up.

First thing is that the whole feel of thing is like working on 
an old terminal, with a horrible delay between key press and 
the key appearing. That's been enough to make me switch to 
Bluefish for the time being, but I much prefer Kate.

It also does very weird things like when I change a directory 
the display inside the dialogue box does not change until I 
roll the mouse around the space and it literally updates as I 
roll the mouse around and only where the mouse hovers.

Konqueror is also doing similar things, though not as bad.

This is a standard Ubuntu 9.04 install; I've done nothing 
intentionally to deviate from that.

Any ideas? Suggestions? I'm going batty without my darling Kate.


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