[svlug] SOHO router spiced up was: Sheevaplug ?

Marco Walther marco at sonic.net
Thu Oct 22 14:40:58 PDT 2009

On Thursday 22 October 2009, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Oct 2009 16:43:58 -0700
> Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> > Quoting Luke S Crawford (lsc at prgmr.com):
> > > Note, my test was done twice, once with the desktop dual-core
> > > atom board, and once with the SuperMicro dual-core atom board,
> > > with similar results.
> >
> > FWIW, here's something I wrote up for members of my family (where
> > I get ragged on for running 24x7 server
> > "uncle-enzo.linuxmafia.com" aka enzo on the home ADSL, but nobody
> I think the usage of home server and habits are a bit different than
> yours (but well mine may be wrong) so I can't still get convinced
> that I don't need a stand alone Linux router.
> I need a hungry beast since I'm a developer.
> I don't have a static IP so my mail server is not exposed to the
> internet and MX record point to a VPS elsewhere.
> I don't like to directly put this hungry beast on the internet,
> still it is the most reliable place where I could place my work and
> my home stuff.
> So I need something in between that will act as a router and it
> doesn't have to have HDs, plenty of RAM, I don't want to plug it
> into a UPS (it has to be mostly readonly) etc...
> It has to be cheap... so I can have 2 in case it breaks and it
> doesn't make sense to buy extended warranty for that kind of stuff.
> Still it should be a bit more flexible than a "consumer" out of the
> box wifi router.
> eg. I need to tune iptables a little bit more than what you can do
> from a web interface, I would like to install software like
> wakeonlan, write some script that will mail me in case something
> happen etc...
> Nothing that will require too many HP/KW.
> Still I'd like it to be supported and easy to keep it up to date.
> Most of the things that are currently supported by openwrt and
> similar are EOLed.
> The ones that are not EOLed are:
> - hard to find

for OpenWRT, ASUS boxes are still around work well for me;-) 

You could also look at the ubnt.com access pointings/boards.

-- Marco

> - not really open (eg. it seems that wnr3500l still need some binary
>   bundle)
> So things like sheevaplug looks interesting... I can have aptitude.
> But then I'd have to customize Debian so that I won't need an UPS
> making the whole system mostly readonly, I'll need an extra eth and
> add somehow wifi.
> http://www.open-rd.org/
> looks more interesting...
> But well somehow the real problem seems to be people making SOHO
> router and:
> a) just pretending they are open for an extra price
> b) making hard to really support open firmware
> So I'm looking for a cheap Linux router or a new point of view that
> will make me understand why I don't need one and what is the
> alternative.

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