[svlug] Sheevaplug ?

Benjamin Floering floering at ieee.org
Fri Oct 16 16:17:58 PDT 2009


Yes, I have it and love it.  I received mine back in April and have since
migrated all of my persistent operations in my datacenter to the plug.  It
came pre-installed with Ubuntu and worked great out of the box, but I
removed that and put gentoo on it and the latest kernel with support for
lower power operation.  I have a 1TB USB hard drive attached to it and it
works wonderfully as a NAS for video and music streaming to various devices
around the house.  It also functions as a backup device, bittorrent
downloader, DNS cache, VPN server, and VPN client constantly connected to my
high bandwidth co-loc basically extending my network to include the
production webserver.  Cross-compiling for it on a fast desktop is my
preferred method of installing new software because I'm too impatient to
wait for it to compile on the plug itself, but for those willing to wait it
really is not that bad to develop on.  Then again, if you stay with Ubuntu
and the package is available then compile time is not an issue.  There is
also a Fedora distro for the ARM that I have been playing around with and
works well if you like your yum.
After all of this I think the two best features are: power and (lack of)
noise.  I had it plugged into my Kill-a-Watt for a month and it was drawing
5W on average, and considering that it replaced a server that drew more than
20X that I'd say that it's a sweet device.  In this case the plug pays for
itself in a year in power costs.  Also, the lack of fan makes your
office/datacenter that much quieter, and I can actually sit down in my
office and read a book without having to listen to the constant drone.  I'm
a huge fan of the Sheevaplug.

(And if you are going to be a stickler and say that I didn't include the HDD
power, then fine.  The WD "green" 1TB external HDD plugged into the
Sheevaplug burns about 8W, so total that is still a respectable 10X less
power than before.  The entire office's power draw is 34W, which includes
cable modem, router, plug and HDD, whereas before the plug about 200W was
typical with the desktops/laptops off.)


On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 9:38 PM, Bob Smith <bsmith at linuxtoys.org> wrote:

> Has anyone on this list used the Sheevaplug?
> Any comments or thoughts on it?
> Anyone have a used one for sale?
> thanks
> Bob Smith
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