[svlug] Formatting to NTFS

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Tue Oct 13 18:15:07 PDT 2009

Hey all,

Meant to respond to this before and let you know how it went, 
and it went.... SWIMMINGLY! Yes, GParted is a very easy to use 
tool, barely glanced at the docs and it was just so intuitive 
it was a breeze.

I deviated from Bill's procedure below only slightly.

1) Formatted the whole drive NTFS with GParted,
2) Shrunk the Vista partition with Vista's internal tool for 
doing so rather than using GParted again, because I read on a 
couple of pages I perused that not using Vista's own tool 
would result in Windows having to "repair" itself.
3) Installed Ubuntu selecting to use the shrink tool in Ubuntu 
itself to match the partition sizes set with the Vista shrink 

Interestingly, when I chose the "install them side by side" 
option the first time it put Ubuntu into some tiny 5GB slice 
and would not fit when I ran an update to get the install to 
the current updates. It didn't use the large free space left 
after shrinking Vista.

After that first try I redid it, this time using the lower bar 
in the Ubuntu partition screen to scale the Vista partition 
back down to the size I reduced it to inside Vista.

I also didn't create the third VFAT partition, although this 
sounds like a cool idea, simply because I store everything but 
the OS and programs on my servers.

Anyway, much thanks to all for the help. Now that I know 
GParted is a good tool I feel much more competent about 
messing about with partitions.


Bill Ward wrote:
> Get it back to the factory settings first - one big NTFS partition with 
> Vista installed.  Then run your GParted livecd to repartition it.  
> GParted can shrink the NTFS partition safely to a reasonable size to 
> make room for your Linux partition.  What I did on my Windows Vista 
> laptop was make three partitions; the C: drive on Windows is rather 
> small, and then I added a D: drive which is a VFAT partition that can 
> easily & safely be accessed under either OS.  I put my music, videos, 
> and pictures on that partition, so I can access them from both Windows 
> and Linux.

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