[svlug] Formatting to NTFS

Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Mon Oct 12 13:31:17 PDT 2009


One more thing.  M$ operating systems do not understand that they are not the entire universe.  You will probably need to get Vista installed and working.  Then expect you will have to re-install Ubuntu (at least partially) so the MBR and bootloader can be configured to allow a selection.

You might also want to go to an Installfest where folks can give you real time assistance.  There is usually one on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

            "Skip Evans" <skip at bigskypenguin.com> wrote:

            	> I
got a new Dell Latitude E6500 which came with Vista on it. When I went
to install Ubuntu > there was not enough room left so I tried to resize
the partitions, but got them boofed up 

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