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After I left the meeting venue I thought about your GPS and the restaurant
name. I apologize for not actually writing the name and approximate address
down on paper for you so you'd have something tangible to work with.

Margaret Wendall

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> Hi SVLUGgers,
> This was my first meeting ( I was the one with a turban) and after getting
> over the size of the campus, the firewall builder talk was informative. It
> is a good venue when you can walk up to the guy and talk for a while without
> vying with six people for attention.
> The real reason I am writing is to express my regret at not finding the
> restaurant - it did not show up in my GPS and I do not know that area. I
> really wanted to get to know some of the members. There will be a next time.
> Yudhvir
Margaret Wendall
"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" - Juvenal
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