[svlug] Damned if you do ........

james@linuxrebel.org james at linuxrebel.org
Fri Oct 2 18:15:13 PDT 2009


   I've got a bit of a chicken and egg problem with debian. 
Adobe-flash-plugin got partially removed.  OK. Now if I try a
re-install or install it says that it is hosed and I'll have to remove
it completely first.  But when I try to remove it (apt-get remove,
apt-get purge, dpkg -r, dpkg -r --force-all) it says it's in a corrupt
state and I'll have to re-install first.


  Is there a way to remove it from the DB that is kept of installed
packages? Or, perhaps a way to really truly force the removal beyond
force-all?   I need to get it out of the way because until I do, I can't
install or remove anything else.


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