[svlug] Free: 1800x1440 capable monitor (not LCD)

Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Fri Oct 2 12:55:53 PDT 2009

This was one of the best CRTs you could get at the time, and close the                                                      
best one still today.                                                                                                       
But, eh, it's a CRT so it's big and bulky compared to an LCD and I just                                                     
had to make some room on my desk, so there it goes.                                                                         
You can't beat the price: free :)                                                                                           
It's a Panasonic PanaSync Pro P110i 21 inch                                                                                 
Note, it's in the recycle pile right now, so let me know quickly if you are
interested :)
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