[svlug] Startup Stuff in the san Francisco/Bay Area

Luke S Crawford lsc at prgmr.com
Sun May 24 21:08:07 PDT 2009

"bruce" <bedouglas at earthlink.net> writes:
> I'm trying to figure out if there are guys/gals/groups/etc.. of developers
> here in the San Fran/San Jose/East Bay area that are into the pure sweat
> equity startup thing. I'm simply looking to find if there are people/groups
> that you might know of, how are into creating/starting projects. I've done
> the Craigslist Posting thing, with no real luck, so I thought I'd post this
> here...

Craigslist /cpg is mostly read by people who are looking to exchange
work for money, not so much people who want to marry you (because
working for someone else's startup for equity requires almost
that level of trust.)  

> Basically, I'm trying to find out if there are people into the garage/after
> hours projects that are open to getting together, or if you already have a
> team, looking for additional resources..

yeah, If you want to meet others who are interested in that sort
of thing, I'd start with ycombinator.  try 
http://news.ycombinator.com  to start with. Lots of people, lots
of them in the bay area.   I've met useful contacts and numerous 
customers there. 

Ycombinator is usually more targeted at the 'build something, get lots
of users while loosing money,  and sell it to investors'  model than the 
'build something that is profitable, you know, exchange goods and services 
for money.'   which results in some sillyness, but the crowd is on
average fairly technically compitent.   (though again, usually more marketing
oriented than I prefer, but if you are selling to investors, I guess
you can't just say "oh, I'm cheaper"  like you can when you sell to

But the ycombinator community is the place to be if you want to
find others interested in startups.  

There are periodic meetups in the bay area.    Start here:


I don't know  if it is officially sanctioned by ycombinator or 
paul graham, but the one time I went it was fairly interesting.   
The crowd is full of semi-technical business people.   
(well, semi-technical people.   Usually they are extremely 
technical when judged by business person standards.)  

I've been to one and it was pretty good, though I was ridicioulously 
sleep deprived at the time.  Sarah must have gotten 10 job offers.  

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