[svlug] Chinese character support under Ubuntu Jaunty Live CD

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Wed May 20 18:45:43 PDT 2009


I am attempting to help a Chinese org move to FOSS.  I tested Ubuntu Jaunty
on the org's Vista machine, Livebooting from the CD-ROM, but we were not
able to create any Chinese characters when typing in OpenOffice.org (OOo).
We tried rebooting and selecting Chinese, but many of the GNOME menu
features remained in English, and OOo still did not type Chinese.

We did go into System > Administration > Language Support, and noticed that
some of the features available there are not available in LiveCDs.

My question is this: has anyone here successfully used a Ubuntu CD to
successfully demonstrate Ubuntu's ability to type Chinese characters in

Any tips would be welcome.

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