[svlug] One year after XP on the OPLC XO-1: Nobody wants XP

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Sugar Wins! Nobody Buying Windows XO Laptops
18 MAY 2009

It was almost exactly one year ago that Nicholas Negroponte announced an
agreement between OLPC and Microsoft to bring Windows XP to the XO-1 to
great turmoil. I vividly remember the late-night flood of e-mails and
IRC chats where everyone was trying to figure out just what that
announcement really meant.

Interestingly, since then, we've heard only a few stories of Windows XO
[link] actually being used in deployments. At one point Microsoft
proudly announced that Colombia had a Windows XO pilot [link] and other
countries with ongoing trials were mentioned at different points in

I've been wondering about what ever happened to these Windows XP-based
OLPC trials. I haven't really heard anything about them in quite some
time. Now more recently I've asked around and found there is a good
reason why I haven't seen anything: countries are choosing Sugar over
Windows XP for their XO deployments.

Apparently the conversations are going pretty much as many of us had
expected: Initially country representatives inquire if Windows XP runs
on the XO laptop. That doesn't really come as a surprise - for many
people Windows is the definition of a computer. However, upon further
investigation every country decided to stick to Sugar.

Which extra XP cost and hassle do you think kills the Windows XO idea?

Also, and I'm not quite sure whether this might be related, but I've
heard that Microsoft Unlimited Potential [link] is undergoing a
reorganization as part of the Microsoft layoffs [link].

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