[svlug] Broadband Speed Degradation Revisited

Tony Hartzell hartzellt at charter.net
Fri May 8 13:54:00 PDT 2009

 This is closing a question I started on March 25th. On March 27th at
about 5:00AM (sitting at my computer)I couldn't catch my breath, went to
the emergency room & was told I had congestive heart failure (I quit
smoking in January...go figure) I had by-pass surgery & started
recuperating at my brother's place in San Luis Obispo.
 Anyway, I'd just found out that my speed came back when I stopped
Apache, and I got a suggestion from Andrew W to look at my traffic with
wireshark, and check all of my mods, Robert L specifically mentioned
---Sip ahead about 6 weeks---
 So, this morning, I finally got back to this problem. I naturally
visited http://linuxmafia.com/kb/ and poked around in the network stuff
without much success, until I made my way to
http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Web and from there to
http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Security/php.html - I pretty much copied &
pasted every tip on the page & now my download speed seems to be
completely unaffected with Apache running, my upload speed is about 1/3
as fast with Apache running, but I think I can live with that...it used
to be about 1/50.
  So, Many (belated) Thanks to Andrew and Robert for their suggestions,
and to Rick Moen for providing the Knowledge Base.
				Tony Hartzell
P.S. I still feel like I was stabbing blindly at the problem, & just
lucky. I'd still like to be able to analyze the system/network/Apache
and find something that points to my php configuration.
P.P.S. If anybody has any ideas on how to improve my upload speed, it'd
be appreciated.

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