[svlug] Help - Installfest info, & legal, text examples?

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Thu May 7 15:56:02 PDT 2009

Hi - Please tell me: where are some excellent (I'll even accept good ;)
) examples of installfest information, & legal release forms?  Stuff for
potential installees to read & learn from, pertaining what to do
beforehand & at install time. etc etc etc.

Background: I am working toward having a BerkeleyTIP installfest, which
will be announced beyond the engineering community at Berkeley.  Thus,
people with little or no knowledge of GNU(Linux) will be alerted to this

I believe it is beyond highly important, nee imperative, to have info
for them to read beforehand, describing the opportunity it presents, &
responsible practices (backup your data, be aware that unrecoverable
problems might potentially occur, legal release of liability, etc), to
be aware of, to enable them to make an informed decision to step up to
the power & freedoms of GNU/BSD free software.

Here are some examples I know of, of the type of info / forms I'm
looking for:

LUGOD's excellent legal release form, & IF page:

SVLUG's, of course:

Any pointers?  Thanks. :)

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