[svlug] weird graphics problem

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Tue Jan 27 14:11:11 PST 2009

James Sparenberg wrote:
> 1.  Are the columns that are blurry consistant or are they moving?


> 2.  If you plug another system into the monitor. (laptop desktop etc.) 
> does it display the same problems?

Haven't tried that yet; will give it a shot later.  (Thanks for the 

> Generally. in my experience, a problem of similar nature to this is most 
> likely the monitor.

Again, though, I'd think it's not the monitor, since the other machine 
that shares the same monitor (via a KVM) doesn't have this problem.

I'd guess it's either the graphics card on the Linux box going bad or 
something wiggy in the software (i.e., something changed in the kernel, 
the ATI radeon driver, X, font rendering utilities, etc.) but I really 
don't know which.

> Final idea from me.  Is there a cell phone parked near the monitor.  RFI 
> interference does really strange things to monitors and computers in my 
> experience.
> James

Probably not this.  I have one in my pocket, but that's a good 2 feet 
away.  (Plus no change when I either move the phone far away or close to 
the screen.)

Thanks again,


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