[svlug] to hosts or not to hosts

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 21 15:52:04 PST 2009

Quoting Skip Evans (skip at bigskypenguin.com):

> There's no burden yet, so as long as the machines are 
> performing reasonably well without the entries in /etc/hosts 
> I'll leave them as is.

Bill's very right about the benefits of a "caching" DNS daemon.[1]  In
fact, optimally, have a local recursive server, which does this more
intelligently:  I respect Dnsmasq as a modest solution for small
networks, but it's not that bright in how it does its queries.  It's
just a forewarder (and NAT thingie), with caching.

Most often, PowerDNS Recursor or Unbound would be the right thing.

Categories explained via metaphor:

[1] Caching is the least important part of what various types of
nameservers bring to a situation, but it is helpful in itself.

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