[svlug] Netbooks

Sarah Newman newmans at sonic.net
Sat Aug 15 08:12:37 PDT 2009

I have an HP netbook and the hardware is pretty nice. Their "mi" distro 
has a very simple GUI, and if the things you list are all she wants to 
do it should fit her perfectly.


Skip Evans wrote:
> Hey Svluggers!
> I have a friend who wants a Netbook she can hang out in coffee 
> shops with here in Hippie-Central, Madison, Wisconsin, so I 
> thought I'd ask for any recommendations.
> She's going to do nothing but web based email and browsing, 
> and maybe a bit of uploading from a digital camera.
> Obviously I am thinking Ubuntu is a good fit for her, and in 
> fact I set her up with that at home and she loves it, "So much 
> easier to use than Windows", she said. But, she may have just 
> said that because she secretly harbors passionate, borderline 
> obsessive lust for me, as do all women. (Me? Delusional?)
> *ahem*... so... Netbook recommendations? Preferably with 
> Ubuntu installed?
> Tanks and bombs,
> Skip

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