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Sr. Tallam SenorAjay at gmail.coM
Wed Aug 12 00:32:58 PDT 2009

Hey Jeff,

	Yeah I use Google Voice..

I think it's pretty great.  Few complaints (as with everything from google,
good/top-of-tier, but not great/perfect to what i want... :)
of course we're still on our honeymoon, it's possible i'll have some better
complaints of it later.. :)

* receive/send text messages!  (And unlike sending texts from gmail, it
comes from _my_ GVoice (formerly GrandCentral) #.)  I wish it would let me
email the texts to myself though since i don't have a cell. (gmail acts the
same in that regard) Oh, and yes, it'll forward the texts to you! And when
you reply to them, google takes them, and resends them on, so the person
never gets confused by receiving texts from you from 2 different #s.

* That is not so easy to do with calling, of course.
But They've also calling easier than before.  You can call your GV, and make
outgoing calls from it, or even easier you can use one of their applications
on your mobile to make the calls. Haven't checked them out, but they look

* It'll transcribe your voicemails for you, and email (or text!) them to you.
Which can be great.. depending on how well google can handle the caller's

* If you like gmail the interface is much closer to it than anything else
phone-related i've ever used. (Mainly I like the 'inbox' and related
'archive' buttons)  It also keeps texts in conversation (at least for the
day)--very convenient (for me, obviously the textee doesn't have this :)
* Integrates pretty cleanly with Gizmo Project, if you use SIPPHone's s/w

* I liked the 'call log' feature of Grandcentral more, here they split up
incoming, outgoing and missed calls into separate categories.  (Granted my
old Virgin prepaid was like this, but..)
* No callertunes (what people hear when they call you)
* No other features (faxing, other features you can suggest on their website)
* Number porting STILL UNAVAILABLE! I've been waiting so long for google to
provide this. sigh!  I'd like to port my main # in here.  (But then i'll
want my VoIP provider to masquerade my calls as coming from my GV#, so.. :)
* It talks of the ability to hear callers names, but i can't seem to find
that feature. (It was standard on GV, i like the flexibility of choice now,
but..) It would be nice if they read you a person's caller id name or
number, or gave you an option to get it (envelope info). Same complaint for GC.
* Something awkward about the interface I'm not sure about yet. Partially
that editing the contacts (same contact list as gmail) lags in being
reflected in GVoice, but there's something else awkward i haven't nailled
down yet though.

i'm sure there's more, but i'm quite tired and need to be ready for
OpenSource World, so! all for now. tata! -@ :)

Milpitas, ca	listsATatothetorg	HempVille, Planet Oz

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