[svlug] ride to (formerly) LWCE from SJ area this week..?

Sr. Tallam SenorAjay at gmail.coM
Mon Aug 10 22:27:17 PDT 2009

Hey folks!

	I was wondering if anyone was driving up from the Northern SJ/
Milpitas area for "Open Source World."

I don't know what the schedule is in terms of sponsored parties either night
(anybody?), but assuming there's one going on one/both nights, i'd like to
stay for that.  Let me know.  I'll happily chip in for gas of course.  I'm
pretty much just going for the Expo, and BOFs (if there are any and assuming
they don't require a conference registration.)

(The potential parties is why i'm not planning on taking BART/transit, but
does mean that a ride to the south bay in the night would be more than
sufficient for me)

I haven't seen folks talking about this as much as OSCon, guess i'll found
out why soon enough! I'm happy to volunteer at a booth if needed too
(assuming folks will be there, .org-pavillion style..)

thanks in advance!

Milpitas, ca	listsATatothetorg	HempVille, Planet Oz

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