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Andrew Fife andrewbfife at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 6 12:55:56 PDT 2009

[1] Aug 15th Installfest (Location & Hours Change)
[2] New November Speaker (SCST, a SCSI Target Framework for Linux)
[3] President / Vice President Elections (Dec)
[4] Upcoming Events (Aug - Dec)

Aug 15th Installfest

SVLUG's regular installfest (3rd Saturday every Month) will be taking place next Saturday, August 15th.  

This installfest will feature an optional workshop led by Rick Moen on how to setup an installfest server.  The workshop will cover PXE boot service, DHCP, installfest informational Web pages, distros for installation over HTTP or NFS, netbooted hardware diagnostic disk images, etc.

However, please note that our regular host, Evergreen Valley College, is unavailable for August so we are temporarily changing location and hours.  The 8/15 installfest will take place in a conference room at the Fremont Main Library.  The installfest will run from 1-4pm at the library, but Rick has generously invited attendees back to his home afterwards if more time is required or desired.  

1-4pm Next Saturday (8/15/09) 

Fremont Main Library (1st Conference Room on the right)
2400 Stevenson Blvd @ Paseo Padre Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538
Website - http://snipurl.com/own9v
Map - http://snipurl.com/owmxy

New November Speaker

"SCST, a SCSI Target Framework for Linux" by Richard Sharpe

There are two main SCSI Target Frameworks available in Linux: SCST and STGT. STGT performs the majority of its functions in userland, and has limited target-mode driver support. SCST, on the other hand, has very extensive in-kernel support, and has target mode driver support for FiberChannel, SAS, iSCSI, Infiniband, and so forth.

Richard Sharpe will present information on how to build and install SCST, as well as how to code device handlers and target-mode drivers using SCSI LLDs like scst_local, the Marvell SAS target driver. He will also talk about implementing a virtual tape library using SCST.

Richard Sharpe is a member of the Samba Team, and has written a number of dissectors for Wireshark/Ethereal. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Data Robotics, where he writes Linux device drivers. He also supports scst_local.

President / VP Elections

The current President & Vice President terms are coming to an end and we will hold an election at the December General Meeting on 12/2/09.  Please mark your calendars if you wish to vote or stand for either position.

Upcoming SVLUG Events

August 15th: 
Installfest @ Fremont Main Library

September 2nd:
"Zabbix as Your Sidekick" by Brendon Baumgartner

September 19th:
Installfest @ Evergreen Valley College

October 7th: 
"DJing and Music on Linux" by Jordan Gray aka"STARPAUSE" 

October 17th:
Installfest @ Evergreen Valley College

November 4th: 
"SCST, a SCSI Target Framework for Linux" by Richard Sharpe

November 21st:
Installfest @ Evergreen Valley College

December 2nd:
President / Vice President Elections
"Firewall Builder" by Vadim Kurland

More details on speaker talks:  http://www.svlug.org/meetings.php
More info on installfests:  http://www.svlug.org/installfest/


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