[svlug] Dell Mini 9 users?

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Tue Apr 28 17:44:43 PDT 2009

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> But yeah;  my point about the mini9 (and netbooks in general) is simply
> Try out the keyboard before you buy it.   Some people can 
> deal with the small keyboards.  Some people can't.

Maybe you missed the part that I ordered a Latitude E6500 an hour ago (the
burly notebook you quoted in your previous email) and for a measly $50 more,
I get a Mini-9 ... that's basically free! I spend more than that on my bar
tabs on Fridays at the club. LOL.

I only plan on using the Mini-9 to put hackintosh on it to try it out, or
XP/Ubuntu (maybe all 3, it has a 32GB SDD), and probably as my "always with
me" notebook that I can toss into a backpack or a back-seat of my car and
have email, skype (built in camera!) and web and such wherever I am. Paired
with a BT GPS (which I also have) and it makes an awesome
travel/airplane/other city companion.

I have a CarPC (see on my site) with a/b/g, but that small 7" screen @
640x480 is a little difficult to use for small print (such as email or web
pages) -- but awesome for Centrafuse and StreetDeck -- what it was designed

A full blown notebook is not always convenient to lug around everywhere. I
view this Mini-9 as a step up from a PDA and a step below a true notebook.
And for $50 I can't complain at all no matter what!


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