[svlug] Dell Mini 9 users?

Luke S Crawford lsc at prgmr.com
Tue Apr 28 16:46:57 PDT 2009

"Daevid Vincent" <daevid at daevid.com> writes:

> Specs are awesome and looks amazing (guy has one here at work). backlit
> keys. PCMCIA, ExpressCard, SmartCard, and SD card slots. eSATA. camera.
> fingerprint. 1900x1200. DVI. 1Gbps. magnesium alloy case! 7hr battery,
> BT2.1, a/b/g/n. etc... XP and Vista both come with. Ubuntu support seems to
> be just fine for the components I ordered it with (some minor tweaks needed
> as of 8.10).

One of my clients has turned one into a hackentosh, and he's pretty happy
with it.  Me, I can't stand the keyboard.  too small.  

I personally have a used ThinkPad X60s. Paid $400 or so for it on ebay this
January.  I've been using the ThinkPad keyboards since I was 14 or so-
they fit me.  

the only irritating thing about it is that I apparently need a windows
install to get the integrated 3g modem working.  (I have a 
Verizon 3g dongle and it is awesome.)  I mean, it should work under Linux,
from what I read, but I need to go through a procedure to activate it under
windows, which is irritating, 'cause it was shipped to me with a unregistered
copy and I just swapped the drive for a SSD.  Of course, now several months
later, it won't let me log in or anything.  

But yeah;  my point about the mini9 (and netbooks in general)  is simply this:
Try out the keyboard before you buy it.   Some people can deal with the small 
keyboards.  Some people can't.

I spent many months with a 'everex cloudbook'  thinking I'd get used to the
tiny keyboard.  Nope.  

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