[svlug] Dell Mini 9 users?

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Tue Apr 28 16:30:17 PDT 2009

I literally just ordered an E6500 five minutes ago, and as part of that, I
got a Mini9 for $50 (special deal!!). I'm so stoked. 

I saw that it was offered with Ubuntu or XP. I chose XP for the license and
I figured I could load Ubuntu 9.04 myself. Then I saw a video where it
looked like a special version of Ubuntu with some fancy launcher GUI. I
wonder where I can download that? I looked at support.dell.com and they
don't show it as a downloadable item :( Do you have that install CD that
maybe I could get an .iso copy from you?

Here's the note I sent to some of my friends...

Specs are awesome and looks amazing (guy has one here at work). backlit
keys. PCMCIA, ExpressCard, SmartCard, and SD card slots. eSATA. camera.
fingerprint. 1900x1200. DVI. 1Gbps. magnesium alloy case! 7hr battery,
BT2.1, a/b/g/n. etc... XP and Vista both come with. Ubuntu support seems to
be just fine for the components I ordered it with (some minor tweaks needed
as of 8.10).

but even sicker, you get a Dell Mini9 for $50 more!
peep this video... I can run XP, Ubuntu and OSX on the Mini9! it blows the
Mac Air away in boot time.

$1515+tax loaded for everything on both notebooks, out the door for all of
the above!

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