[svlug] Wafer tracking opensource software (or image repository)

Gomez-Pancorbo, Fernando (HPL Palo Alto) fernando.gomez-pancorbo at hp.com
Fri Apr 17 15:42:35 PDT 2009

Dear all,

I am setting up a DB-based system to track silicon wafers as they go through the different processing steps, something along the lines of http://www.kla-tencor.com/patterned-wafer/klaritydefect.html .  Our project is a research one so we cannot afford to buy Klarity (we had a lengthy discussion with their sales team recently).

A key component of the system must be its ability to store images (probably several tenths of them) for each wafer at each step of the process together with process data. It must be able to track each wafer through each step of the process as well as run batch scripts that give me statistical data about the process (things such as how many wafers have this property, or home many of them have this other property at step X). Of course I can develop the whole thing from scratch but it would be nice if I can build onto something that already exists, even if it is not wafer oriented. For instance some tool that has the ability to define flows and store images, together with other customizable data, a at each step of the flow would be acceptable. The tool must run on Oracle or MySQL. 

It would be great if something like that existed in the open source community free of charge (or for no more than a few $K). If any of you has any leads, I would love to hear from you.



PS: For those of you interested in the ultimate application of our process, this is it, 



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