[svlug] NEXT WEEK: PenLUG meeting 04/23/2009

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Thu Apr 16 12:00:06 PDT 2009


   |Date:    |Thursday, April 23, 2009 |
   |Time:    |6:00 - 8:00 PM           |
   |         |Bayshore Technology Park |
   |Location:|1300 Island Drive        |
   |         |Redwood City, CA 94065   |
   |         |Suite 106 - Training Room|
   |RSVP:    |Facebook: (coming soon)  |
   |         |or mail rsvp at penlug.org  |


     * 6:00 PM Free pizza arrives
     * 6:15 PM Free book giveaways or other prizes
     * 6:30 PM Presentation begins
     * 8:00 PM Meeting ends

  Christian Einfeldt, "Digital Tipping Point: Roll your own movie"

   The theme of the talk is providing the FOSS community with the visual
   means to reach out to the world beyond the FOSS bubble to tell stories
   that are relevant to non-Linux users. Christian believes that the FOSS
   community will be dead if it doesn't grow, and in order to grow, he
   concludes that it will need to reach non-technical users.

   The Digital Tipping Point film is interesting because:

    1. it tests how far the modular production of "intellectual property" can
       be spread to other areas of culture.
    2. is being produced using only FOSS tools, for a couple of reasons: to
       increase the FOSS knowledge base; testing and improvement of the
       tools; the hope to scale up.
    3. it hopes to create a collection similar to the Prelinger collection
       which can be used as the basis for many films on FOSS culture and the
       global migration to FOSS.
    4. it has some really interesting interviewees, including the Mayor of
       Munich, the Culture Minister of Brazil, etc.

  Christian Einfeldt

   Christian describes himself as a simple end user of Linux who wanted to
   give back to the Free Software community by giving away video footage of
   compelling interviews with the most fascinating people in the Free
   Software movement. He has been using a variety of distros since late 2000
   in his work as an attorney, a video archivist, and a film producer.


  Although it is not required, we like to have an idea of how many
  people to expect, so if possible please email rsvp at penlug.org if you
  are planning to attend.


  For information on getting to the meeting, please see:

  Traffic on 101 can be pretty bad in the evening, so we encourage you
  to check traffic conditions before driving by dialing 5-1-1 on your
  phone or visiting www.511.org, and if possible to take public transit
  (best bet: bicycle via Caltrain) or carpool to this meeting.


  See www.penlug.org for more information.

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