[svlug] Wind storm

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Apr 15 02:23:16 PDT 2009

We here on the S.F. Peninsula had a major wind storm yesterday and last
night, with many trees down and highly unreliable AC power delivery.
Locally, PG&E had power madly going up and down during the afternoon,
followed by one long outage around sundown.  When the power came back
around 8 PM, I found the circuit breakers feeding my server farm blown,
and damage to equipment:  Among that damage, my main linuxmafia.com
machine (circa 1997 PII server) lost its power supply, motherboard, all
but one stick of RAM, and all hard drives.

Fortunately, the replacement hardware (via which I'm posting this) is a
great deal better and less antique.  I'm rebuilding services from
backups, which will take some time.  (Paying work comes first.)  Data
loss will be 11 days, because (naturally) this hardware loss caught me
as I was changing backup regimes.

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