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On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 10:53 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting Christian Einfeldt (einfeldt at gmail.com):
> > hi
> <hat="listadmin">
> 'lo.
> I'm still asking nicely; haven't yet picked up the cluebat.  (I'm quite
> sure you already saw mild the admonitions to both prior posters in this
> thread.)

I'll tell you why I made this mistake.  Tonight for the first time I sat
down and read these list guidelines:




And I think that for the first time I grokked the general guidelines for
each.  What had me confused was that I thought that svlug@ was a more
general list, and that basically any topic was open on that page.  Then I
re-read your admonitions more closely, and I looked at the above-linked
pages, and I am just now seeing a few things for the first time:

1)  svlug@ is a general list, but you admins have carved out an exception.
You want us to go discuss stuff about members on volunteers@ .

2)  The purpose for this division is presumably to keep the more acrimonious
topics about personalities on the less heavily trafficked volunteers@ list,
thereby making the broader svlug@ list more useful to its relatively larger
It is hard for me to tell from the email addresses which list is which.
They seem to have very similar names.  I know that might

> At some point soon, though, I'm going to get tired of the
> "poor impulse control" parade.

Yeah, sorry, Rick.  You give a lot to this community, and so I do actually
try to abide by your suggestions so as to not drain your time.

You already know _which_ mailing list to address your "I did it for the
> greater good" posting to -- right, counselor?

Well, I will try to pay more close attention to your admonitions in the
future, but it is not always clear to me what goes where, which is why I
think that your admonitions are useful, even if you have to repeat them
(sorry about that).  Here's the source of my confusion.  From the svlug
guideline page:

"Main discussion list, on Linux and related topics, for the Silicon Valley
Linux Users Group."

I had noticed that line before, and that is the guideline that had stuck in
my mind.  I had read that line as saying that "this list is a general
purpose list.  All topics may be discussed here unless specifically
excluded."  There are two basic exclusionary rules posted below that, 1) no
job offers, and 2) "*Do not post on SVLUG organisational matters*: "  I had
interpreted item 2 to narrowly include only formal policy debates, such as
who should be our president; should there be a vice-president; etc.

I will respect your interpretation of item 2 to more broadly include "public
second-guessing of SVLUG's volunteers", although I would not have construed
item 2 to include "public second-guessing of SVLUG's volunteers" had we not
engaged in this discussion.  That interpretation was heretofore
counter-intuitive for me.

Thanks for keeping our lists orderly, Rick!

c u

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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