[svlug] Possible to remove messages from archive?

Ron Atkins ron.11235 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 19:30:26 PDT 2008


Many years ago, I got the same "thing" from "yours truly." Irritating as
hell, if he shared my personal space. But he doesn't. He is a mentor.
He, and the others who manage SVLUG, have been in your shoes. They see
your situation from _many_ perspectives, that's why people ask question

The thing I don't grok about this list, after 6 or 8 (is that possible?)
years of taking it in, is how intelligent people fail to bask in the
enlightenment and joy of _perspective_ (and not the "feel good" crap
that has stifled communications since time immemorial). Relish the
opinion that sparks your adrenaline, challenge yourself to understand
what _you have heard_. And practice caution when you presume to dictate
how others should respond to you. This is a big world, we can all fit,
if we remember (and respect), not only our similarities, but our
differences too. 

I swear I could earn a PhD in Communications on my observations of the
conversations between Rick, and his detractors. They are rich in
substance, intellect, and EGO. And their defining quality is that they
raise the bar on what SVLUG has to offer to members, and other LUG's.
When you post here, you get the best of the best, the wimps don't last
(hey, what happened to that Google host guy?).

Learn by listening, that's the advice I suggest. Many (many), years ago,
I tired of being dressed down on lists because an "I" wasn't dotted, or
one dash was left off. Eventually, I learned that sometimes the process
of growing, involves a little pain. Sharing that pain back, is called
hurt, and possibly not warranted. Perhaps you might find some value
integrating this advice into your perspective.


Skip Evans wrote:

> Rick and all,
> I had no idea what it would take to remove a post: 
> a couple of simple mouse clicks on a web interface 
> or something more involved on a lower level.
> That's why I didn't offer to pay anyone for it. 
> Had anyone said, "That's a bit of a tough job, 
> Skip. Paying someone for their time would be the 
> thing to do," I'd have gladly offered up whatever 
> was fair.
> Your a real smart guy, Rick, and you really know 
> your stuff, and I've learned from your posts.
>   But sometimes I wish during your embryonic 
> developmental stage that gene that gives us the 
> ability deal with others less knowledgeable than 
> ourselves in certain areas with respect and 
> humility hadn't mutated itself into a worthless 
> microscopic pinhead of adenine, thymine, cytosine, 
> and guanine.
> Love,
> Skip

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