[svlug] multi-booting

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 15:06:55 PDT 2008

Linux used to support this better. I used to choose MEPIS over several others that burned my data on the fat-32 partition to DVD+RW fine and worked kppp defaults correctly. Now I use PCLinuxOS to modem out and share it to my wireless network, PCLinuxOS also views the other partitions fine. MEPIS must get booted every night to backup the data on the FAT-32 partition. If you wanna try something Ubuntu based, not recommended given my years of bad experience booting 9 distro at a time, the KDE version of MINT looked promising - until it randomized the bits of its partition like the other 99 buntu attempts that collectively got it banned here. [ buntu fanboys aggressive claims based on nicer hardware and ownership of whole drive/s helped achieve this permanent ban. My only other permanent ban = some now defunt distro that wiped out 9 of fifteen partitions when its installer saw a primary reiser4 fs. ] I started doing multi-boot oob distro evaluations again
 but am mostly doing live vs install as its quicker and less risky of my delicate laptop settings for my http://b.coston.googlepages.com

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