[svlug] Suggestion for dist to use on dual-boot system

M. A. Sridhar m_a_sridhar at yahoo.com
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FWIW, I have found it a lot more convenient to use a VMware linux guest on my XP host. You can choose from a variety of distributions, because there are lots of images available, and VMware player is free.  It offers the convenience of being able to start and stop it at will, while Windows is running. Moreover, when you start it, it preserves the exact state of the OS when the VM was last turned on, which I found is enormously convenient.

If you want to run X applications from within Linux, you can use something like Cygwin-X  on your XP desktop so that you can run X and Windows apps side by side. There are also lots of commercial X servers if you want. And run Samba within the VM, so that you can share files.

Performance-wise, I have found that the Linux running in the image is just as fast as running directly on the native hardware.

I build web apps for a living, and I do all my server-side development in a VMware image. (I use the Ubuntu Jeos distro because I just need a lean-and-mean server.) This makes it easy for me to carry the VM in a USB drive, and move my whole work environment between machines without any hassles.

Just my $0.02. Hope this helps.


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Tony Cappellini wrote:

>>Caveat:  I work nearly full time on Fedora-related stuff for Red Hat,
so you can consider me to be biased with whatever grains of salt.
We actually use FC6 at work on our clients, but in a stripped down version that is tailored for a very specific task.
I want to install a full-featured dist on my laptop, and wanted to solicit some ideas from people who are in the mainstream.

>>You are definitely going to need to go somewhere else to get your
multimedia bits (MPEG *, Flash, etc.)  There are real and good reasons
>>this stuff doesn't ship in Fedora[3].
So, if modern dists are so much easier to install than they were back when I originally had my exposure to linux (1999-2002) why are these multimedia things missing now? Oh - probably because of licensing, not being open source...?

>>Or vice-versa, if your processor supports full virtualization, you can install Windows running under KVM.
Since I've been using Windows for my primary OS for so long, it will stay that way for awhile. Not because it's better, it's just that I'm so used to doing everything with it. Ok, no OS wars, please.

Also- I'd have to buy another license to use VMware with Linux as the host and Windows as the guest.

The virtualization feature of my laptop bios makes the system slow when it is enabled, so I'll never enable it again.
Yes, i have the latest BIOS.
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