[svlug] Best VPN hardware for small office...

Drew Bertola drew at drewb.com
Sun Jul 20 14:11:33 PDT 2008

Scott Boyd wrote:
> OpenVPN is the best solution. Better than any of the variously 
> proprietary hardware  solutions I've worked with.
> You just need use Linux as the firewall/VPN router at the edge of the 
> network you are protecting. An old P3 will do the trick for most office 
> internet connections, but if you want a solid-state solution look at 
> reflashing  an inexpensive Linksys router  like the WRT54GL to use 
> OpenVPN by using Tomato or OpenWRT.  (Tomato seems easier for most 
> people, but adding OpenVPN to it is a bit harder.)
> This will cost a lot less than $300 and there are no client license 
> fees.  There are some setup and management time costs, but those are 
> true of any VPN where you have to manage the access of individual client 
> systems.

Unfortunately, this wastes a lot of energy.  I really don't need a 300 
watt solution, I need a 60W solution.

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