[svlug] Best VPN hardware for small office...

Scott Boyd svlug at futures.com
Sun Jul 20 12:16:03 PDT 2008

OpenVPN is the best solution. Better than any of the variously 
proprietary hardware  solutions I've worked with.

You just need use Linux as the firewall/VPN router at the edge of the 
network you are protecting. An old P3 will do the trick for most office 
internet connections, but if you want a solid-state solution look at 
reflashing  an inexpensive Linksys router  like the WRT54GL to use 
OpenVPN by using Tomato or OpenWRT.  (Tomato seems easier for most 
people, but adding OpenVPN to it is a bit harder.)

This will cost a lot less than $300 and there are no client license 
fees.  There are some setup and management time costs, but those are 
true of any VPN where you have to manage the access of individual client 

See the OpenVPN "How to" for more info:



Drew Bertola wrote:
> Sargun Dhillon wrote:
>> The best solution for I would say is OpenVPN. It works on all platforms. 
>> It complies with export restrictions. Based on the levels of encryption 
>> you could get a variety of levels of throughput. It is free, open 
>> source, etc.. It doesn't have the insurance of a big business. Of course 
>> you can find a consultant in the Bay Area which can support this product 
>> ;-P.
> Thanks, Sargun,
> I was looking for a SOHO hardware solution - something that goes beyond 
> pptp out of the box, since that is still a bit clumsy under Linux.
> I don't trust Linksys to deliver a good product.  In my experience, they 
> don't do very well with things like TCP window scaling.
> Anyone have experience with Netgear's SOHO VPN solutions?  Any others 
> come recommended?

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