[svlug] Ogg Vorbis

Holt Sorenson hso at nosneros.net
Fri Jul 18 23:33:59 PDT 2008

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 04:32:24PM -0700, Jeff wrote:
>Just conducting an e-mail poll on what my fellow Linux users think about 
>Ogg Vorbis.
>A) It is my audio format of choice...

I prefer FLAC, because I do enough work with with audio that I want
straight bits. Before I started going that direction, I was working on
converting my library to vorbis q10. Prior to that I was using mp3 256K
CBR with Q3 (encoded with Lame) or something.

>B) I would use it if it was compatible in <blank>, <blank> and <blank>

The majority of the professional audio software uses lossless formats,
mp3, or apple's propietary formats.

Use of vorbis from what I've seen isn't widely supported, although
I do encounter it. It's most common in utility programs such as

>C) Ogg is pointless because <blank>, and mention your format(s) of choice:

Vorbis is relevant from a technology point of view.

Clearly it doesn't have the adoption rate that advocates wish it

Holt Sorenson
hso at nosneros.net

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