[svlug] writing documentation with images?

Karsten Wade phig at phig.org
Wed Jul 9 15:34:29 PDT 2008

Florin Andrei wrote:
> I want to write a HOWTO on a particular topic in the field of video 
> processing. Given the subject, the document must include many images, it 
> cannot be text only (not even ASCII art).
> There are no special formatting requirements. Just chapters, headers, 
> paragraphs, lists, tables and images. No formulas, nothing fancy.
> I would like to create the document in a manner similar to the Linux 
> Documentation Project - write a master file in some sort of markup 
> language, containing text and references to image files, then run a 
> bunch of command-line utilities to convert it to:
> - HTML all in one page
> - HTML one page per chapter
> - PDF A4 and Letter
> - PS A4 and Letter
> AFAICT, the LDP only has text documents, no images. What would be the 
> best way to make such a document that also contains images?
> Ideally, the whole workflow should be based on software commonly found 
> on recent and popular Linux distributions.

One that would work is DocBook XML, which has no problem with inline images:


We've started using 'publican' for producing Fedora documentation, it's 
a nice toolchain for everything from making blank templates ('make 
new_book' iirc) to the full range of build targets you mention above:


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