[svlug] In regards to e-communications on SVLUG

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Mon Jan 28 00:36:22 PST 2008

hi ya john

> John Conover wrote:
> Alvin Oga writes:
> > 
> > yup ... and most people would not recognize that they do certain
> > things or not ... and not many people will want to confront the 
> > "people" issues face to face .. it so much easier now days to hide
> > behind emails
> >
> And those email can be haunting-particularly since a prospective
> company can, (and usually does,) use the Internet to search email
> lists for a person's name in a background, (BCI,) check for a

yup.. probably a good thing ...

now it's time to cleanup svlug .. mode of operations

c ya

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