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John Conover conover at rahul.net
Sun Jan 27 23:40:35 PST 2008

Alvin Oga writes:
> yup ... and most people would not recognize that they do certain
> things or not ... and not many people will want to confront the 
> "people" issues face to face .. it so much easier now days to hide
> behind emails

And those email can be haunting-particularly since a prospective
company can, (and usually does,) use the Internet to search email
lists for a person's name in a background, (BCI,) check for a
potential hire as an employee/consultant/contractor. Its usually a
corporate PAP and done either by HR, or contracted to a company that
specializes in such things.

Its about a hundred bucks for a file about a person-complete with an
Executive Synopsis cover sheet.

The main thing the company is interested in is whether the person
integrates well, knows how to get along with people, is flexible,
honest, is telling the truth on the resume, and not a disruptive

Potential management problems are filtered into the dead tree
/dev/null device.

One has to be careful what one writes into Google's search engine(s).



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