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Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sun Jan 27 16:21:38 PST 2008

hi ya reiber

> Paul Reiber wrote:
> Wow it really IS time to share the dirty laundry, huh?  Rick, your
> account's glossing over some pretty important details.  That's right
> around when I took office; I remember the situation quite clearly.

obviously note since you're disagree'ing with what happened

> SVLUG's volunteers were quite aware that the server needed to be
> re-hosted.  Drew's messages to the officers went unheeded, but he
> communicated with Alvin and a number of other SVLUGgers.

i never talked to drew ... drew never talked to me until AFTER
the svlug box was already unplugged

i called rick on the phone to see if he had the time to go pick
up the machine ... he was busy that afternoon/evening ...

i waited say 6hrs or more to see if others would go pick it up
before going to pick up the box from drew and got it back online
in a few hrs 

>  When I took
> office I was immediately made aware of the need to move the server to
> another facility, and I immediately began searching for a new hosting
> sponsor.

no you did not ...

i had already a confirmed permission to move the svlug box to via.net
since other colo's did NOT reply to hosting it in time 

i told everybody in the svlug that the box is NOT to stay in my
office and that it's to be moved to a colo where everybody can
get access to it as needed ...

the maachine went offline before you became pres
than you went to talk to via net afterward, after you became pres

you didn't even know who joe was at the time

> At the time, I was attempting to do actual real-world business with
> Mr. Oga, and SVLUG related isues were sometimes the topics of our
> conversations.

real world business that you couldnt write a perl or c program
for 6-8 weeks ..... not a single line of useful code

whilest, after firing you, another svlugger wrote the whole
"c" program in say 1-2 weeks and we tweeked the specs over the next
couple weeks ... and i think he was paid nicely for it

i can and should be able to modify it and log into any 
https webserver automatically that doesn't do any whacky stuff
	- what a user can type and click on, the mitm program
	should be able to recreate

you and your ex-employer is the biggest non-paying customer
... ignoring to pay $xx,000's for rent and t1 connections

> Well before the server was pulled from he.net Mr. Oga mentioned to me
> that, since Drew was an old friend,

he's younger them me :-)

> he'd undoubtedly shut off and hand over the server if asked.

what are you smoking now .... nobody can impose your hardware
on somebody else colo cage that he pays real cash for 

and svlug was warned about it having to move for 2 months

> While I'm unable to prove exactly what
> transpired between Drew and Alvin,

other people can prove it ... because they were kept in the loop
including rick

> it's unclear to me how else the
> server could have so quickly landed in Alvin's hands.

how about plain and simple facts and truth 

> However that happened, it happened without the permission of SVLUG's
> officers.

there were no "officers" doing anything of their official duties
or volunteers for that matter that was able to go over during the day
and evening to get it back online asap

othe machine was online withing a few hrs of me bringing it to
my zoo ... and had a duplicate box cloned over the next 2-3 days
or so ... and daily incremental and weekly full backups occur daily
	- i didn't bother with exim config or mailman since those
	aren't my apps of choice ... so i stopped to get back to
	my work that i get paid to do instead

>  I was mired in the process of finding another hosting
> sponsor for SVLUG at the time, and found Alvin's actions to be quite
> meddling and self-serving.

you weren't even involved when via.net agreed to host the svlug machine

>  That said, it is entirely possible that he
> did this out of the goodness of his heart and that the difficulties it
> caused were simply due to his nature.

or you're trying to take credit for something you don't deserve
like mahy other things you calim is your idea that wasnt
and disavow some of the screw ups that is yours

> I remember having quite some trouble getting the server OUT of Alvin's
> place and into its current home in Via.net; Mark and I had to make
> repeated visits to his offices until we finally managed to arrive
> there when he was around and were able to move the server.  This took

first, mark and you never showed up here 

most people whom call and never get back a confirmation would not
show up unexpectedly

you were told starting thru, fri, sat, sun to come now or at 
a specific time ... however you never did confirm a date or time
even when you did show up un-announced
- the door just happend to be open after 8pm on mobn because i had 
  a meeting that night after hrs ...  that meeting got the brunt of
  a bad attitude .. no thanx to you being impolite

  which is why you were explicitly told NOT to show up till after 
  8pm on tue tue on numberous emails over the weekend

  other people also have copies of all these emails

- but you came on monday when you were explicitly told to stay away, aka
  the same day (?) rick came back from his trip for which you were 
  presumably waiting for his return since you could move the box yourself

- since that day you showed up unannounced and fucked up my day,
  my office door remains closed even during the work day ... 
  so that if i'm in a do not distrub mode its locked and i can 
  quietly work peacefully and get stuff done

> some days to accomplish, and I remember clearly that Alvin was quite
> irate with us for "visiting him without calling first"... when indeed
> I had been repeatedly calling and emailing him regarding the matter.

most people would NOT show up un-announced ... and than
blame them because they didnt have time to deal with you
especially after 3-4 days of emails .. waiting for your confirmation 
date/time ... you posted numberous emails about other stuff on thu/fri/sat/sun
but didnt come here to pick up the box ... but had to wait till monday
instead of tue as was proposed since you missed thu/fri/sat/sun

the world does NOT revolve around you

> > A lot of Reed's administration was like that:  He was, deliberately,
> > almost completely detached from the group.

in a way .... reed's handsoff approach proves that officers is NOT
needed to operate svlug
	- however, outsiders or old timers do need to know to send
	svlug admistrivia emails to volunteers to directly to the list
	s that stuff can get done

> One can hardly blame him.

for what ...  yoou like pointing fingers because you have nothing
better to do ??

c ya

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