[svlug] Officers

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 27 15:02:19 PST 2008

Quoting Paul Reiber (reiber at gmail.com):

> When I took office I was immediately made aware of the need to move
> the server to another facility, and I immediately began searching for
> a new hosting sponsor.

I'm unclear on what your complaint is here, if any.  I suspect random
smoke-blowing, on the whole.

You're correct that Drew had, previously, told some people that
_eventually_ we'd need to remove the server from his colo.  You know
this because he told me, and _I told you_.

By contrast, Drew's news that need for removal was imminent had gone
only to "Officers" -- and thus was seen only by Marc Merlin (as Micah
and Paul Reed had all that mail procmailed off to mboxes that they
weren't reading).

> At the time, I was attempting to do actual real-world business with
> Mr. Oga, and SVLUG related isues were sometimes the topics of our
> conversations.

You had, however, absolutely nothing to do with the matter I actually 
posted about, and I notice that your present comments are utterly
irrelevant to the point I was making about Reed's (characteristic) role
and the underlying reason for his lack of knowledge -- which reason
emerged only afterwards.  (Thus my point.)

> > A lot of Reed's administration was like that:  He was, deliberately,
> > almost completely detached from the group.
> One can hardly blame him.

I'm actually now oddly nostalgic for the days of Reed being almost
completely out of touch.  Better that than continually coming to our --
_and_ at least one other local group's -- events tanked to the gills.

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