[svlug] Officers

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 13:53:20 PST 2008

Wow, THAT sure was a fun message to find in my inbox!

Never let it be said that SVLUG won't bite the hands attempting to
feed it given the opportunity!  A few months ago, finding this matter
being discussed on-list would have surprised me; not today.

Since this matter's now been brought up publicly, I'll relate the
details of the incident.

I'd hardly call my condition that evening 'drunk'.   Sure, I was
'pissed', but in the American sense of that word, not the British
sense.  I had the smell of liquor on my breath, having stopped at the
Sports Page ((I think that's the name) some few blocks away from
Google for a quick beer and a chaser before heading over to the kernel
walkthru.  I did that because there were multiple quite stressful
factors at play that evening, and I thought it would help me to calm
down a bit.  I was much more irate BEFORE having had a few drinks than

What's been interpreted as "beligerence" was my extreme displeasure at
the gall of both Ms. Wallach and Mr. Coston to refuse to engage me in
conversation regarding their (then) recent actions and words.

I wished to converse with Darlene to try to resolve things; I wasn't
pleased to have to censor her posts, and wanted to try to work things
out.  Her refusal to even speak with me was both inappropriate and
disturbing to me; it was a continuation of the same ornery,
non-cooperative attitude which had caused me to dismiss her as a
volunteer in the first place.  She remains today convinced that she
has some sort of responsibility or authority regarding the behaviour
of others within SVLUG, and that's simply not the case.

SVLUG's next President will undoubtedly have similar difficulties
contending with her self-appointing self-righteous nature, unless
he/she simply decides to allow her to do with and within SVLUG
whatever she desires.

Likewise with Bruce; I wished to talk with him, to try to understand
his motives and reasoning for what he was saying and doing.  I felt
(and still feel) that he was insanely out of line with his words and
actions in many regards, and wanted to give him a chance to explain to
me _why_ he was doing what he was doing.

I also desired to hold these conversations outside of the building,
both to allow them to talk with me in a more private venue, and to
allow myself to accomodate my unfortunately deep-seated nicotine

Since no-one around had a breathalyser which I could use to prove
beyond any question that I was not drunk, I was in a situation where I
was being assessed as guilty with no means to prove myself innocent.
I allowed myself to just "go with the flow" and accepted Warren's and
Jim's advice to call it a night.   I'll note that NO Google Security
personnel were involved with my departure from the campus.

It's important for SVLUGgers to be on good behaviour on sponsor
venues.  It's important that we don't abuse them - refraining from
filling our rucksacks with their food and drink, refraining from
leaving litter in their venues, refraining from expecting them to feed
us dinner, refraining from violating their posted rules such as "no
political discussions during the installfest", refraining from
chastising and denigrating them on-list, and of course refraining from
visiting their venues if inebriated.

I hope we've ALL learned some important lessons from what's happened;
I certainly have.


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