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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 27 04:42:17 PST 2008

Quoting Paul Reiber (reiber at gmail.com):

> My guess is that Paul Reed likewise was attempting to help SVLUG grow and
> change and mature as an organization and that many misunderstood his
> motives in the same way they've misunderstood mine.

A small anecdote:  Many folks will remember when our server suddenly
dropped off the Internet in Sept. 2006, over a weekend.  At that time,
the machine was in Drew Bertola's colo cabinet at He.net in Fremont.
Paul Reed was genuinely alarmed at it dropping off mysteriously for no
reason, and said he didn't know why.

(Remember, this is back when presidents of SVLUG considered unexplained
failure of our key services a _problem_.)

Some digging revealed that Drew said he'd been e-mailing SVLUG's
leadership for months and months, warning us that he needed that space
in his colo cabinet back.  After months of no reply except ex-president 
Marc Merlin writing (paraphrased) "I'm sorry, but I can't help you",
Drew claimed, he'd unplugged our box and driven it to his house.

Alvin picked the machine up, and graciously hosted it for two months 
before it could be moved to Via.net.  Meanwhile, Paul Reed _still_ said
he'd had no idea.

That mystery -- which turned out to be related to a number of other
mysteries about the Reed administration -- remained until shortly after
Reed left office.

The other admins and I investigated:  Drew's mail showed up, just where
he said:  in the archive of the private "Officers" mailing list, that, 
mostly because of Bill Ward having thrown almost everyone off it, had
only three subscribers:  VP Micah Dowty, Marc Merlin, and Paul Reed.

That answered the question of whether Drew had sent mail, but why hasn't
it been read?  Some more checking revealed that both Micah Dowty and
Paul Reed (both being very busy software engineers) had redirected all
SVLUG mail to mbox files separate from their other mail -- mbox files
they then _didn't read_.

The fact that Dowty and Reed both seemed perennially unreachable for
many months at a time, _unless_ you CCd their personal addresses, now
was explained:  They'd simply set things up so they'd never be bothered
by SVLUG mail.

A lot of Reed's administration was like that:  He was, deliberately,
almost completely detached from the group.

> [1], with Google, certain volunteers and members actions and demeanors were
> the cause of the rift.

Actually, the Rubicon was when Google Security intervened at a kernel
walkthrough when you were drunk and belligerent.  That set off alarms in

Oh, _that_ was the elephant in the room we weren't supposed to talk
about, wasn't it?

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