[svlug] Computer History Museum

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 23:44:12 PST 2008

A number of SVLUGgers have helped out the CHM over the years.

This includes Bill Selmeier, who's no longer here in the bay area, who
worked there as a docent, and Paul Cubbage, still here in Silly Valley
and still going strong, who provided the CHM with a working Canon Cat
(a machine designed by Jef Raskin, which was scuttled most probably by
Steve Jobs to ensure the success of the Macintosh).  I'm sure there
have been others as well.

I attempted some time ago to negotiate a group rate that would let me
organize an SVLUG field trip to the CHM; unfortunately, they weren't
receptive to that at that time.  Hopefully things will change someday,
such that we can arrange and finance a visit there without having to
defray the expense across the attending members.


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