[svlug] svlug vs. svglug

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Sat Jan 26 17:44:32 PST 2008

Tim Bird wrote:
> Paul Reiber wrote:
>> Mr Stallman personally told me he'd only be willing to come speak at an SVLUG
>> event if we changed our name to SVGLUG. 
> I would object to changing the name from SVLUG to SVGLUG.
> I am a Linux developer at Sony.  Some of our products have
> no GNU software on them. (Really!)

   off topic: was somewhat surprised when my new sony tv (bravia xbr4) 
came with GPL attached :-) BTW I love it, it makes a kick ass monitor 
(gaming PC) (except you cannot put it on primary DVI on nvidia 8800) 
just one more step on the way towards linux only household :-)


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