[svlug] Dell expanding its LInux business, again

Lisa svlug at flygirl.com
Sat Jan 26 07:03:37 PST 2008

Christian Einfeldt wrote:
> Thank you to the Linux community for the support. Your purchases and 
> your commitment is the driving force behind this expansion, and is the 
> key to more in the future.
> Direct story:
> http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2008/01/23/42090.aspx
> http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_7_10_on_the_Gorgeous_DELL_XPS_M1330
That's awesome news.  I, in fact, just had to do a LOT of searching to 
find the right drivers to put XP on a XPS M1330.  They come, in the US 
anyhow, with Vista ONLY and one of our marketing people bought one of 
those and was complaining that his programs wouldn't install on it!

I tried to insist on putting linux on it, but that didn't work. :-)


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