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It doesn't make much sense when there are indeed uses within the group to change the name to require the use of GNU. Furthermore I don't believe any of the Linux users that I know, don't know what the GNU has done. So insisting that it is called "GNU/Linux" mostly just makes it hard to say.

I can see why Stallman is unmoving in his assertion that if SVLUG wants him to talk there they need to change their name. Really if he wasn't unmoving about it he would probably be a pretty boring person for the head of the FSF and GNU.

This doesn't change the fact that SVLUG has been around by that name for quite some time. And changing it to SVGLUG would not be any more accurate. I would suggest no change in name. And if a change is insisted on, I would suggest something that perhaps suggest the use of open source, and doesn't connect itself to any particular group, as I expect that would be more accurate. Personally I like SVLUG. And Stallman is going to be speaking right down the road.


 On Jan 25, 2008 12:32 PM, Tim Bird  wrote:
> Paul Reiber wrote:
> > Mr Stallman personally told me he'd only be willing to come speak at an SVLUG
> > event if we changed our name to SVGLUG.
> I would object to changing the name from SVLUG to SVGLUG.
> I am a Linux developer at Sony.  Some of our products have
> no GNU software on them. (Really!)
>   -- Tim

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