[svlug] Explaining the Election

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 13:57:14 PST 2008

Rick, you've conveniently side-swiped my entire argument; that the
appointments I made stand, and that those offices are NOT CURRENTLY
VACANT, unless indeed both parties have since resigned.

If that's indeed true, that they've since resigned, then yes, there
are no officers, and we need elections ASAP for those roles.  Mark did
not clarify this; he stated that the offices are currently empty,
which, AFAIK, is not the case.

While Ed has publically stated that he's not accepting the
appointment, Lisa hasn't.  So, we probably still currently have a VP,
at a minimum.

The current state of the offices is unclear at best; to state that
they're vacant does a disservice to the membership, since indeed, like
it or not, I did what I did, and appointed two successors to those

Best regards,

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