[svlug] which distribution at installfest

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 12:01:33 PST 2008

On Jan 25, 2008 11:36 AM, Chris Templeton <cbtempleton at gmail.com> wrote:
> It doesn't look like they'll be an installfest at google this month according to what other posts I've seen.

I'm assuming you are speaking of the upcoming February 16th event?
That's still planned, AFAIK... and I'm still quite hopeful we'll find
another Google employee before that date who'll agree to be my
counterpart at our installfests.

Traditionally, there's been both an SVLUG coordinator and a Google
coordinator working as a team
to keep the installfests running smoothly.  However, Google's only
real concern is that there be a Google employee present, who's
responsible for "sheparding" the group, i.e. ensuring we don't wander
off and learn of Google's next great technical invention before it's
ready to be released to the world, and ensuring we don't shed blood,
and such.

>  I viewed the FAQ on the svlug website for popular distributions but once I came across the mention of OS2
> thought it might be a bit outdated.

Yes, the installfest has evolved into something of a contradiction
with its own name;  only occasionally do people JUST install Linux
there; for the most part, we're working them through more complex
processes like setting up and using various servers and services, and
getting esoteric and sometimes ridiculously old and underpowered
hardware to work with Linux.

>  Whats the recommended or most popular distribution people are installing for a desktop o/s.
> I saw Mandrake and SUSE but also saw Ubuntu.

I'm an Ubuntu bigot.  I love it; it's practically idiot-proof.  And
that's especially important to me. :-)))
Others differ in their opinions; for example, if you like to have a
gazillion partitions on every hard drive, Ubuntu may not be your best
choice... or, if you prefer really lightweight window managers to
Gnome, then a lot of the Ubuntu package wouldn't serve you very well.

>  I know there are lots of distribution but just need to get one loaded and start learning to use linux
> maybe later I'll switch.

In that case, Ubuntu's almost certainly a good bet.

Best regards, and I hope to see you at some upcoming SVLUG events!
-Paul Reiber
SVLUG Installfest Coordinator and ex-El-Presidente

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