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Chris DiBona cdibona at gmail.com
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What the heck does google have to do with this groups malfunctions? We
(I paid for it) offered space and food for a while, never -ever-
promising that it would go on forever. Leave me, warren and Google out
of it.


On Jan 25, 2008 11:29 AM, Tom Pilot <hman_120 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Paul,
> Since you keep talking about power and rules:
> Power comes to those who contribute something that others need - in the case of this group, it needs: Google as a sponsor and a good list server admin.
> Warren could have used his google connection as a leverage but did not.
> The only rules that can be enforced are defacto rules. (rules that came about by default because they are convinent and happen to work)
> just the way the world works.
> If email cost money, there would be a lot less noise here. But its free and fun... also i suspect linux having become so easy to use, now warrants less technical attention so we focus so much on politics...
> ah  the turns the world makes :)
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> So, given that the Presidency of SVLUG evidently does NOT include the
> ability to remove problem volunteers from the group - (I attempted
> this twice only - with the two most egregious of the volunteers) - I
> guess it truly is an irrelevant and powerless position; this
> contributed greatly to my decision on a course of action.  As a
> MEMBER, and VOLUNTEER, I can be much more effective in manipulating
> SVLUG to my own ends than I could possibly be as President.  So, to
> best further my personal mission and my goals for SVLUG to become an
> educationally-focused organization, I'll now act in only those
> capacities, and not as President, going forward.
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