[svlug] Officers

Tom Pilot hman_120 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 11:29:45 PST 2008

Since you keep talking about power and rules: 

Power comes to those who contribute something that others need - in the case of this group, it needs: Google as a sponsor and a good list server admin. 

Warren could have used his google connection as a leverage but did not. 

The only rules that can be enforced are defacto rules. (rules that came about by default because they are convinent and happen to work)

just the way the world works.

If email cost money, there would be a lot less noise here. But its free and fun... also i suspect linux having become so easy to use, now warrants less technical attention so we focus so much on politics...

ah  the turns the world makes :)

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So, given that the Presidency of SVLUG evidently does NOT include the
ability to remove problem volunteers from the group - (I attempted
this twice only - with the two most egregious of the volunteers) - I
guess it truly is an irrelevant and powerless position; this
contributed greatly to my decision on a course of action.  As a
MEMBER, and VOLUNTEER, I can be much more effective in manipulating
SVLUG to my own ends than I could possibly be as President.  So, to
best further my personal mission and my goals for SVLUG to become an
educationally-focused organization, I'll now act in only those
capacities, and not as President, going forward.

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